Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prizes that all can win.

Since I know that not everyone has $10.00 to give I have added another prize to the main hat. There are some photos on my alternate Flickr account. I will be drawing three names and those three people can choose a photo that they would like to receive. All three can choose the same photo if by chance they all like the same one. They can also choose what size they would like to have it in up to 8 x 10 (photo quality can be lost in larger sizes). I will give the winners the option of full colour or black and white. I'll upload a black and white copy of the photo of choice to my Flickr account and they can compare and choose that way.

The total is going up and we are nearly half way there! You all rock so hard!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yet another prize!

Rabbitch very kindly sent me these two skeins of handdyed 100% New Zealand wool from her shop to offer up as prizes. It is some really nice stuff and there is enough to make my Flapper Girl's Twist hat or a cute bag.

Looks how luscious that is. It's a beautiful colour called After the Party. There is 91m/100yds in total and it knits up at 3sts/1" on 7mm (no US equivalent) needles. Thank you Rabbitch!

We are getting down to the wire now. Our team is hosting a garage/bake sale this weekend and I hope to be able to add more to my total, but I still need help from you lovely people to reach my goal and cause the Mr. to eat crow as it were while supporting an excellent cause.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Even more prizes.

The lovely Suzanne has generously offered up some beautiful yarns as prizes. Some gorgeous sock yarn and a couple skeins of a really luscious chunky weight yarn along with a pattern that is perfect for it. Go here to see them.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thank you!

We are rolling along now! Check out the new total! Every one of you really rocks.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Prize!

I managed to find some S.R. Kertzer Truffle 80% virgin wool/20% cashmere (60m/66yds in each ball) for a very decent price. So good in fact, that I am offering these up as prizes to every one who donates no matter the amount. There will be two winners. The first name drawn gets their choice of either the grey or the pink (Oops, the next name gets what's left). The grey is more of a smoke colour then it appears and the pink is a soft pale pink.

There is enough here to make a pair of wristers (Fetching comes to mind) or a lace hat. You could even get a thin, lace, jabot style scarf. It is beautiful and so very soft. It has enough wool in it to show off cables really well and enough cashmere to gently hug your hands/neck/head.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

One Quarter!

We are one quarter of the way there! Thank you to all of you! I appreciate every donation and every shout out you have given me.

Since the Mr. laughed and underestimated us, he has been surprised by how fast we managed to come up with this much and has agreed to pose for an apologetic picture should we actually meet my goal. He secretly doesn't really think we will though. Probably why he agreed to pose.

There are a few more prizes in the works and I am still working on some prizes for everyone who donated. Really, every amount counts in the main goal and that is to help find a cure for cancer and help out those who already have cancer.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The prizes thus far for each $10.00 donated (if you donate more than $10.00 you will be put in the draw for each $10.00) to the Relay for Life. Up above, a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn. This is a full skein with the ballband. On the back of the band is Fleece Artist's basic sock pattern. I can't find a colour name or number for it though and this colourway doesn't seem to be up on their site anymore either.

10 skeins of Briggs and Little's Heritage in their Anniversary Twist 25th anniversary colour. Each skein has 196m/215yds for a grand total of 1960m/2150yds. The gauge is written as 17sts = 4" on 5mm (US 8) needles. There is enough here for a cute coat or sweater.
Three skeins of Plassard 100% Silk overdyed by me. This is a matte type of silk and isn't as smooth and slippery as most silks are. It is very nice to knit with and hard to turn into a knotty snarled mess. There is a total of 285m/312yds. It is a very drapey yarn and would make a beautiful scarf.

I also have A Season's Tale by Kim Hargreaves up for grabs. If you click on the link you'll be taken to a page where you can see the patterns that are inside.

I have some offers to donate more prizes so keep checking back, you just may see something you love in the draw. I am also working on a few things for some draws for anyone who donates including those who can't donate $10.00 or more. Every amount goes directly to the Relay and will be used to help fund research and support programs for people and their families who are already dealing with cancer so no amount is too small. I know how it is to be in a bind and wanting to help but not being able to. If you can't help with money, please pass on my link or post it on your blog. That is worth just as much.

Edited to Add: If you don't have paypal or don't like dealing with them, send me an e-mail requesting an alternate way to donate and I can e-mail you a link to my personal page on the Canadian Cancer Society's website. Your donation will automatically count toward the total on that page, but I will check in and add it to the total in the sidebar here.

Also, until I figure out what I messed up, please use the Paypal button in the sidebar instead of the one in the post below. It doesn't work.

Thanks to all.