Saturday, June 2, 2007


You are all incredible people!

As of this morning that is our new total. Also (still my favourite word) this morning, I received a most generous offer of 100 patterns courtesy of Sue at Harvest Moon Designs! She has some beautiful dishcloth patterns.

I think I will break them down into lots of 20 for all who donate $10.00 or more which means you will be winning a book worth of dishcloth designs in PDF format to enjoy.

Also (again!) my Paypal Donate button is under my profile in my sidebar. It is very small so it can be hard to miss. If you prefer, I can send you an invitation directly from my personal page on the Canadian Cancer Society's website (credit cards only) you just need to e-mail me at duchofb at yahoo dot ca and let me know where to send the invite.

Thank you again for all who have been so kind as to donate. I wish I had gifts for all of you.

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