Thursday, June 7, 2007


That's how close we are. We have managed to collect $1757.04 thus far and that is amazing! We have one day left until the Relay. So tell all your friends, tell anyone you think would be willing to donate! We are so damn close to a very apologetic husband photo! I am not positive, but I think we are also setting the record for the most money raised by one person in the Relay in our town. Last year the town (est. 5,500 people) came up with over $9,000.00 and this year I think we are going to blow that out of the water. All of you are a big part of that whether you sent $5.00 or $100.00. You each had a big impact on that number and an even bigger impact on the people who are living with cancer right now. All they have to do is look at the donation sheets to see the long list of all the people who care about them. That matters. It matters a lot to know that people care about your problems and suffering. Most of all that they want to help put an end to it. Bless each and everyone of you.

I am getting excited and nervous since this is my first time in the Relay and it is nearly here. The weather is going to make sure that it is a memorable night. Not just for the intensity of the survivor's, their families, their friends and the experience of the event. Environment Canada is calling for showers with a high of 17*C/63*F and they don't have a low predicted, but tonight's predicted low is 7*C/45*F and Saturday's is 10*C/50*F. I imagine Friday's low will be Notwarm*C/Cooltocold*F.

Now for final prizes added to the pot. I will be doing the draws on Monday afternoon and mailing on the 20th. I need a bit cash recovery time and packaging time.

In the $10.00 or more category.

Two skeins of Misti Cotton. A pure joy to knit with and quite frankly, I am going sad to see it go. It really is that beautiful. There are 175m/100g of Peruvian Pima Cotton (83%)/Silk (17%). Colour; 0259, Dyelot; 7914.

In the all donors category:

The most generous Suzanne is sending two copies of her beautiful Callisto pattern. So there will be two more winners in that category.

Again, I wish I had something for every single on of you. You have lifted my heart and brought a smile to my face everyday when I check in and see all the generous donations to such a great cause. My Mr. is both impressed that we came up with so much so fast and nervous that we will meet my goal. He is a very good natured person and will pose for the photo all in good clean fun. He has just been working nights for far too long in an industry that does it's best to keep their maintenance department invisible (knowing that planes need regular fixing isn't a comforting thought for the people that buy tickets to fly on them) and has lost touch with a lot of the good in humanity. You are not only helping people with cancer, but reminding the Mr. of just how many good, kind and thoughtful people there really are out there in the daylight.

This bud is an excellent example of how something small can bloom into a beauty of many petals. So a small donation made by one person can turn into the beauty of a big donation made by many.

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