Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We are so close I can almost see the photo of the Mr. now! $519.66 to go. We can do it!

We have raised an incredible amount of money for Cancer and I am impressed with all of you and how generous you have been.

I will be accepting donations until this Friday (June 8th) at 2:00pm Central Daylight Savings time. I need to have a total to take to the Relay with me and since we will begin setting up our site at 4:00pm it would be helpful for me to have it all added up and ready to go then. If any donations come in after that, they will still go to the Relay so no worries if you can't donate until Saturday morning. I will be taking the Paypal info down on Sunday after I sleep so that will be the final cut off. Again, all funds donated go to the Relay.

Also, for anyone who has been touched by cancer or has a loved one who is fighting it or has already gone on, you can purchase luminaries for the Relay in your area, which are set up along the track and lit at night. You will be able to choose an inscription for your luminary either in honour of someone fighting, or in memory of someone who is gone. You can also add a little message along with their name. There is more about them on the links and how to purchase one for your area.

Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life

American Cancer Society Relay for Life I can't find a specific page about the luminaries here, but they are mentioned on the forum somewhere.

Many thanks and blessings to all of you.

Sorry if Bloglines is driving you nuts about how many times I published this one. Apparently I am having trouble getting my act together this morning.

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